9 short films

Earth to Earth (2005)

Shown at the Cannes Film Festival 2005 as winner of the Straight8 film competition.

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Wait For Me (2005)

Shown in the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2005.

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Red Bull : Ninja Magic (2006)

A viral concept advert advertising Red Bull, spread over the internet, email, and file sharing networks.

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Playstation : Jedi (2005)

A viral concept advert advertising a new PS2 game based on the Star Wars franchise.

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Shaolin Boy (2003)

The eternal pugelists meet again in an epic battle for survival.

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Moves Sampler (2005)

A sampler of gymnastics, martial arts, breakdancing and stunts performed by Jonah Jones.

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Next Customer Please (2005)

A short about the frustrations of supermarket shopping.

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Chinese Fitness (2010)

In the run-up to Beijing 2008, Jones and Boonstoppel visit the Olympic city to get in shape.

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Short Films (2009-2010)

A selection of short films made from 2009 onwards.

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